Zip file containing freeware truetype font

Click here to install this font.
When asked if you want to save or open, choose open.
Then with your zip utility,
extract it to your windows/fonts/ directory.

Thanks to Chris Cuomo for forwarding all those pictures of highway signs without which I probably would have been run over trying to examine freeway signs. Thanks Aaron Wenger and Mark Stein for sending me samples of the Series E modified set. The Ontario driver's handbook helped a bit too.
Not your typical freeware font. This one was a lot of work. Please send me a donation. This is the font often seen on road signs and now it can be often seen on your computer. This is a scratchbuilt font based on samples of roadsigns.
The ZIP file contains a regular, bold and condensed version complete with European characters. Updated again! March 26, 1998. The WVYXwxy and x widths have been fixed. There are some more directional arrows. Hold alt and hit 0162 on the number pad. You should get an arrow. Try 0163, 0164 etc. and you'll get more arrows. (only eight of them)

blip blip blip blip blip!
Ray Larabie's Freeware Typeface of the Week