Zip file containing freeware truetype font

Click here to install this font.
When asked if you want to save or open, choose open.
Then with your zip utility,
extract it to your windows/fonts/ directory.

It's squiggly. It's stripey. It attempts to recreate the look and feel of luxurious corduroy pants. Vip vip vip vip vip vip vip. (Sound of someone walking in corduroy pants) Vipvip, vipvip, vipvip, vipvip, vipvip, vipvip ... (Sound of someone walking in a corduroy suit).
No Photoshop trickys here. At those little stripes were done in Fontographer so it's extra sharp! The font is based on 20th Century Font.

blip blip blip blip blip!
Ray Larabie's Freeware Typeface of the Week