Zip file containing freeware truetype font

Click here to install this font.
When asked if you want to save or open, choose open.
Then with your zip utility,
extract it to your windows/fonts/ directory.

Okay, Metallica fans. I've been counting and I've received 33 requests for this font so here it is.
It's a font based on the old Metallica band logo and now it has the reverse capitals to complete the Metallica look. Here's how it works (there's a text file included with it in case you forget)
Use alt then a 4 number combo and you should get a flipped version of each letter. Use the keys on the number pad.

This just goes to show you that I truly am totally METAL and I deserve a donation. If you don't want to send money that's fine. Cds are great too ... or anything really.

blip blip blip blip blip!
Ray Larabie's Freeware Typeface of the Week