Zip file containing freeware truetype font

Click here to install this font.
When asked if you want to save or open, choose open.
Then with your zip utility,
extract it to your windows/fonts/ directory.

A complete overhaul as of Dec. '97. The original Sadfilms has been recalled. Badfilms has been condemned. Please delete it and banish it from existence. Kill Badfilms. It must be destroyed. The spacing stinks and nothing lines up. Banish Badfilms. It's Bad. Not Bad like Michael Jackson bad, I mean really BAD!

Delete Bad films and replace it with Sad films. Delete the old Sadfilms if you had the misfortune of having downloaded it. I got rid of the awful E and X. Bleah. I'm suprised I didn't get hate mail for those. The angles never really lined up and now they do. The spacing only made sense for the lowercase characters, now it works for both cases. The lowercase "i" never quite lined up with the "t" or "f" but it sure does now. A few of the curves were the opposite of appealing - I hope I got the worst ones.
You can actually use it for something now but please don't use ALL CAPS! If you use ALL CAPS with this font and I find out about it you're gonna get such a pinch! Why did I fix it? Why didn't I just leave you the old, crappy version? I guess I'm just greedy for more donations. Greedy like a little monkey.

blip blip blip blip blip!
Ray Larabie's Freeware Typeface of the Week