Larabie Fonts

Think you can do better? Want to make your own fonts? Suit yourself!

It's not that hard to make a font but damn near impossible without software.

There's a new font program for Windows called Softy and it only costs 25 dollars. The shareware version allows you to create and save fonts. It's a great way to get into making or modifying fonts without investing a lot of money. Try the Softy Home Page.
Theoretically you can use Corel Draw (Version 3 or better) to make a font. I haven't tried it but if you go to House Glendrakon's page you'll find instructions.
There's a font creation package for Windows called Type Designer.
There's Macromedia Fontographer too. It's a high end font package, the best there is. If you make a lot of fonts it's worth getting. The autospacing alone is woth the price! It's available for Windows and Mac. I use Fontographer 4.1.
A company called Pyrus makes 4 or 5 font packages including a program that lets you make a font directly from scanned images! Neat! If you know of any other font creation software please let me know and I'll mention it on this page.
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